Dealing with mold or water damage in your home? Improve your quality of life with our all-natural products and services from Green Home Solutions® of Kansas City.
Safe, affordable, and effective—that’s our promise to you, every time.

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Green Home Solutions of Kansas City Reviews

Hear what satisfied customers and business clients have to say about Green Home Solutions® of Kansas City.

Residential Real Estate

"Green Home Solutions helped both seller and buyer in a recent real estate transaction. When my buyers were doing their whole house inspection, it was discovered that the beautiful home that had set vacant for about a year had had a water leak and caused a mold problem through most of the first floor. When we sought out help, Green Home Solutions was the company both seller and buyers felt confident with because they could treat the home and rid it of any mold and salvage the custom baseboards along with the flooring. It was a win win. The seller was able to afford this solution and get the job done prior to our closing. Erich and his team worked relentlessly to get the job done in a short time frame and were very thorough. My buyer received pre-test and a post-test to ensure that the mold problem was gone. I would recommend Green Home Solutions for any mold situation. They were great to work with!"

-Theresa Y., Overland Park, KS

"As an agent, I am very particular about who I use as referrals for my clients. I only recommend people I would use for my own home. Jeff, with Green Home Solutions, was an absolute gem to work with. Not only did he respond to our request for remediation right away, but he explained thoroughly the system he uses and answered all the questions my sellers and the buyers had about his product. His follow-up was great and we never had a problem reaching him before, during, or after treatment. Great product and great price!"

-Stephanie M., Kansas City, MO

Property Management

“We used Green Home Solutions to deal with a significant mold issue in one of our apartments. The use of an organic (enzyme-based) product to deal with the mold was appealing but not as much as the fact that they could eliminate the mold without the need to remove the carpeting or tear into the walls made them the obvious choice. The end result was a 100% mold-free apartment ready to rent immediately at a very reasonable price. We will use Green Home Solutions for all of mold and odor needs moving forward."

-Northland Passage, Kansas City, MO

Residential Customer

"Erich was very informative on what problems we were facing on our bathroom problems. Green Home Solutions let me know what they would do to fix my mold and allergy problem. We had other companies come out and told us that we had to do, and the cost was terrible. If you are having problems, call Erich and he and Green Home Solutions will take care of your needs."

-Randall V., Kansas City, MO